Become your own boss and achieve financial independence. 

The HOCOA business opportunity may be the answer to getting over your fears, becoming your own boss, and achieving financial independence.

A personal concierge service for all your home repair, maintenance, and improvement needs - one local call, does it all.

We don't build lists, we build RELATIONSHIPS!

How HOCOA became one of America's top premiere business opportunities.  

It all started with a pain point every homeowner in America deals with.
Finding trustworthy contractors, who show up on time, do quality work, at a fair price. 


Craig Madans became frustrated when he was trying to renovate his home in Charlotte, NC. Getting a contractor to show up and do their job correctly was more time consuming and stressful than he ever imagined and set out to build a solution.


As an already successful entrepreneur, Madans began thinking about a solution. He used his experience to create and develop a business model that has now become one of America's premiere home repair business opportunities in a
$400B industry. 


Madans developed the concept based on his background and experience in manufacturing, consulting, marketing and global relations. He thought, "Why not have a business opportunity with no inventory, manufacturing, or full-time employees?"

Training before purchase - no obligation.

HOCOA offers a two-day training program without any obligation to purchase.
We promise to never sell you anything!

HOCOA gives you the ability to be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

HOCOA provides you a proven business model, allowing you to hit the ground running, while being provided countrywide support every step of the way.

Founded in 1993

$400B Industry

National Support

Business Model Benefits

Low Overhead

No Inventory

No Full-Time Employees

High Income Potential

Homebased (optional)

Absentee Ownership

additional Benefits

5 Paragraph Business Plan

Operations Manual

Multiple Revenue Streams

National Partnerships

Sofware Package

Designated Territory

Run your business with military efficiency.

The 5 Paragraph Business Plan combines proven business and military planning concepts into a powerful tool that's simple and easy to use. It helps business owners to organize, conceptualize, and run teams with military efficiency. 

HOCOA and 5 Paragraph Business Plan have partnered to give HOCOA owners the tools and fire power to launch and grow their business, leveraging the United States military’s 240 year old operational planning concepts, which have been refined through actions on the battlefield. 

HOCOA Education Process

Step 1: Introduction

Introductory call to get to know one another, understand your goals, and share a bit about HOCOA.

Step 2: Overview

Diving into the business model to understand revenue streams, competition, partnerships, 5 Paragraph Business Plan, and investment.

Step 3: Validation

Opportunity to learn first hand what it is like to be a part of the HOCOA family, to include the daily life of a HOCOA owner.

Step 4: Budget Workshop

Webinar session to go through the operating budget template together and create a high-level customized plan.

Step 5: Final Steps

Now that you have worked through your plan, we’ll review your final package and plan for the final steps to be awarded a license.

Step 6: Training Day

Congratulations on making it to the end of the process! We wrap up this education process with a Training Day.

HOCOA Business Owner Testimonial

"I came from the corporate world spending 30% of my time traveling. HOCOA allows me to be home every night in my own bed."

HOCOA Contractor Testimonial

"I'm proud to be associated with HOCOA and I know you'll be pleased too."

HOCOA Homeowner Testimonial

"He saved my weekend and was there almost immediately."

Homeowner Testimonials

We recently needed stucco repair on one of our homes and the contractor showed up right on time, did an outstanding job and had everything cleaned up when finished. As a mortgage and real estate broker, this is the kind of company I feel 100% confident on recommending.

Mark O'Connell
Oceanside, CA

HOCOA gives very personal service, and they always call after each job to make sure I was completely happy. I have recommended HOCOA to many of my friends, and now they are repeat customers. HOCOA makes my life easier!

Harvey Green
Charlotte, NC

Mark/HOCOA is great at what he does, which is setting me up with the right contractor for my specific needs. I have done many things through HOCOA, from a simple broken window, to completely updating my den. We were thrilled with the results.

Lisa Simms
East Cobb, GA
It all starts with a submission form request!

Contact us today to talk about your goals, both, personally and professionaly to see if HOCOA is right for you.

Charlotte, NC - National Headquarters
San Diego, CA - West Coast Training Center

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